Oil Next Year’s Gold; Summer of Sadness for US LNG; Pebble Hits Back

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News of the Day:          Job Losses Climb in Oilfield Services OIL Oil Is Next Year’s GoldClem Chambers, Forbes, August 11,2020 It is much easier to predict the past than the future, so you will have to forgive me if I am wrong about the following.  Oil is next year’s gold.  The world’s governments are energetically baking in lots of … read more

New Standards for Tailings Storage; Biden vows to sidestep law on permitting.

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OIL WHY THE CUSHING STORAGE HUB MATTERS TO OILRussell Karas and Dan Brusstar, Open Markets, August 6, 2020 AT A GLANCE The crude oil hub in Oklahoma provides the physical delivery mechanism for the benchmark WTI futures contract As global economies reopen, oil stocks in Cushing have been drawn down to 51 million barrels in storage since the peak of … read more

Friday Fact Check: La La Land starring Kevin Banks.

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A big thumbs down to Kevin Banks for floating the idea that a ballot measure increasing taxes from 150%-300%  “isn’t about  money”, rather, political influence. We get it.   With the price of oil projected to be “lower for longer”, the fair share folks have had to stop their claim that the initiative will bring in a billion dollars annually, and … read more