Media shocked to find DNR doing their job. Carrot or a Stick for Climate Change?

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OIL Oil producers cautious as recovery hopes riseEd Crooks, Wood Mackenzie, November 20, 2020 On 10 November 1942, with Rommel’s army in full retreat across Egypt and French forces surrendering to the Americans and British in Morocco and Algeria, Winston Churchill gave a speech at Mansion House in London. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the … read more

Friday Focus: Potential leadership changes in DC that impact Alaskans.

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From the Washington Examiner – Barrasso replacing Murkowski?  ENERGY COMMITTEE SHAKEUP: Barrasso announced his intent yesterday to lead Republicans on the Senate Energy Committee next year, seeking to take over the top slot from term-limited Sen. Lisa Murkowski. His move would open up the top GOP spot on the Senate Environment Committee, expected to be filled by West Virginia Republican … read more

Ballot Measure 1 goes down, drill rig starts up, jobs come back! A House Divided.

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OIL ConocoPhillips says it will resume drilling in December on Alaska’s North SlopeAlex DeMarban, November 18, 2020 ConocoPhillips Alaska on Wednesday said it will resume Alaska drilling projects using four rigs starting in mid-December, bringing back several hundred jobs amid reductions that began as the COVID-19 pandemic contributed to a drop in oil prices this spring.  The company said the … read more