Mining and Materials Mandates May Hurt EV Progress. 

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Today’s Key Takeaways: Less uncertainty for industry in reconciliation bill but permitting reforming still outstanding.  Instability of energy transition leads oil supermajors to hold back on investment.  Auto industry worried about mining and manufacturing mandates for EV’s in new bill.  Germany’s coal revival continues.  $8.5 billion deal for U.S. LNG with Europe.  NEWS OF THE DAY: MORE BITTER THAN SWEET?Jeremy … read more

Winners and Losers – Inflation Reduction Act.

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Today’s Key Takeaways:  North Slope scientific research on long-term production of methane hydrates approved. What to watch for in the global energy market. Carrot and stick approach to methane fee in Inflation Reduction Act. IEA:   mining industry needs hundreds of new mines to meet global carbon emissions goals. Inflation Reduction Act:  Changes will be more gradual than headlines imply NEWS … read more

Study Shows:  U.S.LNG Reliable and Cleaner Source.  

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Today’s Key Takeaways: OPEC warns of limited excess capacity. U.S. oil and gas exports lead to wealth for Americans.  Exemption for some oil & gas producers from methane fee.  Progressive Policy institute paper argues that U.S. natural gas is cleaner for Asia – good for AKLNG!  All eyes on Turkey for rare earth materials.   NEWS OF THE DAY: New Study study shows energy … read more