AK Maintains High Water Quality Standards;  US Carbon Emissions fall in 2019

July 15, 2019

Alaska is fully engaged in transboundary water, mining issues Corri Feige, Doug Vincent-Lang, Jason Brune, Anchorage Daily News, July 14, 2019 As leaders of Alaska’s state resource agencies, we want to assure everyone who shares our desire for healthy lands, waters, fish and economies that Alaska remains committed to maintaining both high water quality standards […]

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Growth and potential of LNG, but controversy on location of AKLNG

July 12, 2019

  Murkowski Chairs LNG Hearing, Launches Strategic Energy Initiative July 11, 2019 Murkowski opened the hearing by underscoring the growth and potential of U.S. natural gas and natural gas exports. “Our production has soared to levels many never thought possible even a decade ago. This is, in turn, boosting our economy and our national security, while providing […]

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Vanadium: US can’t do without; Alaska can produce it.

July 11, 2019

This week Australian mining company Northern Cobalt Ltd. applied for permission to explore a drilling site for the rare earth metal vanadium in Southeast Alaska. In 2018, vanadium was identified by the Department of the Interior as one of 35 critical mineral commodities to ensure economic and national security of the US.  This special issue […]

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We all know how essential a good headlamp is — at home, at play, at work. Our economy and our state are facing real challenges. We need a clear path forward. We plan to be your AK Headlamp. To show you what’s before you and provide a clear path forward.

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