Morning Headlamp – Fracking Tests at Prudhoe Bay; Persily sets AGPA straight

April 24, 2017

First things first. Accumulate Energy Alaska is launching an effort to determine the production potential of crude oil locked in North Slope shale. The company will begin drilling an exploration well along the Dalton Highway about 40 miles south of Prudhoe Bay. In June, it plans to hydraulically fracture that vertical well, using water, chemicals […]

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Morning Headlamp – EPA Delay – Music to Alaska’s Ears

April 21, 2017

EPA delay on methane rule. New EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has delayed implementation of a 2016 Obama rule related to methane. “American businesses should have the opportunity to review new requirements, assess economic impacts and report back, before those new requirements are finalized,” Pruitt said in a statement. You can’t always get what you want…The […]

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Morning Headlamp – Statewide Salmon Catch Forecast Up By A Million Fish Over Last Year

April 20, 2017

Fish On! The statewide salmon catch forecast of 204 million is up by a million fish, and the world’s biggest sockeye salmon fishery at Bristol Bay is breaking records for chilling its fish. Last year nearly 40 percent of Alaska’s total salmon value came out of Bristol Bay. The 2016 Bristol Bay harvest of 37 […]

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