Friday Fear-mongering from Cook Inlet Keeper and the UN. Saudi Arabia in the Arctic?

October 19, 2018

When you don’t have a good argument for your cause – what do you do? Create a bogeyman, add some “experts” and try to scare people into believing the bogeyman is going to get them.   58 retired biologists who haven’t worked in the system for 15-40 years aren’t experts. The scientists, biologists and regulators […]

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Show us the $ on Alaska LNG; Where are metal prices going?

October 18, 2018

Q & A with Governor Walker Victoria Petersen, The Peninsula Clarion, October 16, 2018 The Kenai Peninsula’s economy has long been dependent on oil and gas. What will you do to boost the economy on the Kenai Peninsula beyond oil and gas? Well, beyond oil and gas, certainly agriculture. The blue economy. We have oyster […]

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Begich “yes” to Ballot Measure 1 & “no” to Alaska LNG – will Walker say “yes” to Begich?

October 17, 2018

Resignation shakes up Alaska’s governor’s race Becky Bohrer, October 17, 2018 In a stunning October surprise, Alaska’s lieutenant governor resigned Tuesday for making unspecified “inappropriate comments,” imperiling the re-election hopes of Gov. Bill Walker, a man with whom he shared a brother-like bond. Walker, who has been locked in a tough re-election fight with Democrat […]

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We all know how essential a good headlamp is — at home, at play, at work. Our economy and our state are facing real challenges. We need a clear path forward. We plan to be your AK Headlamp. To show you what’s before you and provide a clear path forward.

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