Headlamp – Watch John Stossel expose CNN’s fake news about the Pebble Project.

October 16, 2017

We’ll have a shale of a time. A shale gas drilling boom over the last decade has propelled the United States from energy importer to exporter, taking the country a giant leap toward the goal of energy independence declared by presidents for half a century. Now the upheaval of the domestic energy sector is going […]

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Headlamp – Increased production in spite of low prices.

October 13, 2017

Making the best of a bad situation. Alaska’s oil workforce has been hit hard by low prices, yet the companies in the state have managed to buck a longstanding trend and increase production for the last two years. So, what gives? For state Labor Department Economist Neal Fried, the curiosity in the numbers goes back […]

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Headlamp – Revenue sharing for Alaska. Big support for Hilcorp and the Liberty project.

October 12, 2017

Overwhelming support for Hilcorp and the Liberty project. The oil and gas company Hilcorp wants to build a gravel island in shallow waters in the Beaufort Sea, east of Prudhoe Bay. The Liberty project would be similar to several gravel islands built to produce oil in nearby state waters. The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy […]

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We all know how essential a good headlamp is — at home, at play, at work. Our economy and our state are facing real challenges. We need a clear path forward. We plan to be your AK Headlamp. To show you what’s before you and provide a clear path forward.

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