U.S. Mining Needs Support!

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 U.S. Mining Can Get the Job Done

It has been said that “if you don’t grow it, you have to mine it.” Simply put, the materials we don’t grow we have to extract from Earth. 

It is why we need a strong U.S. mining industry. The materials we need to construct things like roads and dams, or manufacture things like satellites and telephones, could be secured at home if we invest in our domestic mineral supply chain.

American mining companies can do it better than anyone else, but currently we rely on foreign nations like China for critical minerals. It is with this reality in mind that we are asking our followers to stand up and submit a letter of support for a pending mining project in central Idaho: The Stibnite Gold Project.

Take a small but significant step to help support America’s mining industry. Tell regulators to move the Stibnite Gold Project forward.  

Visit www.CountIdahoIn.com. Get the facts and submit a comment today!