Thank you Governor Dunleavy.  Bernie and Berkley call for bans.

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Thumbs up to Governor Dunleavy for taking the first step to break the gridlock. 
AKHEADLAMP hopes the other waring factions will be sincere in their efforts to work together.


Gov. Dunleavy calls lawmakers to Juneau in bid to end Alaska budget deadlock
James Brooks, Anchorage Daily News, July 17, 2019
Care About the Planet? Don’t Ban Fracking.
Drew Johnson, Real Clear Energy, July 9, 2019

Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently signed a permanent statewide ban on fracking, the drilling technique that has made America the world’s top producer of natural gas. And Senator Bernie Sanders just called for a nationwide fracking ban. Both these 2020 presidential candidates believe that banning fracking will help fight climate change. They’re dead wrong. Fracking actually drives down carbon emissions by unlocking new stores of natural gas — the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Rather than ban fracking, pragmatic environmentalists ought to embrace it. Fracking enables energy companies to tap natural gas reserves in underground shale rock formations. Our natural gas output has spiked 50 percent since 1990.

                Berkeley becomes first U.S. city to ban natural gas in new homes


Iran’s Revolutionary Guard announces seizure of oil tanker accused of smuggling fuel in Strait of Hormuz
Liz Sly, The Washington Post, July 18, 2019

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has seized a foreign tanker and 12 crew members accused of smuggling Iranian fuel in the Strait of Hormuz, adding to tensions in the strategic waterway, according to reports carried by Iranian state media on Thursday.  It was not immediately clear whether the seized tanker was the same as a vessel that Iran said it had rescued. The tanker, based in the United Arab Emirates, was last tracked last week in the narrow strait — the route for a significant percentage of the world’s tanker traffic from the Persian Gulf.  The seizure is the latest twist in a series of incidents involving ships and tankers in the vicinity of the Persian Gulf that have sent tensions soaring between the United States and Iran.