Tailings Center of Excellence; Green Activist: Apologies for the climate scare.

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OPEC sees oil demand soaring in 2021 but still below 2019
Oil & Gas 360, July 14, 2020

Global oil demand will soar by a record 7 million barrels per day (bpd) in 2021 as the global economy recovers from the coronavirus crisis but will remain below 2019 levels, OPEC said in its monthly report.  It was the first report in which OPEC assessed oil markets next year. It said the forecast assumed no further downside risks materialized in 2021 such as U.S.-China trade tensions, high debt levels or a second wave of coronavirus infections.  “This assumes that COVID-19 is contained, especially in major economies, allowing for recovery in private household consumption and investment, supported by the massive stimulus measures undertaken to combat the pandemic,” OPEC said.


LNG Transport Options Widen in North America
Oil & Gas Facilities, July 14, 2020

North America has more options available for transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG) by truck and rail this year, which may help small projects and remote locations.


Three US universities launch Tailings Center of Excellence
MINING.COM, July 13, 2020

The University of Arizona, Colorado State University and the Colorado School of Mines just launched the Tailings Center of Excellence, a learning space focused on educating engineers on responsible and sustainable mine waste management and advancing research-backed best practices.  The universities believe their respective departments of mines and engineering are prepared for the task because, for years now, they have been involved in projects that employ digital technologies, the industrial internet of things and artificial intelligence to study and improve different processes at a number of mine sites.


Green activist comes clean on climate disinformation
Real Clear Energy, July 12, 2020

A well-known environmentalist has asked forgiveness for blowing concerns about global warming out of proportion. His candor speaks volumes about our current political discourse.  “On behalf of environmentalists everywhere, I would like to formally apologize for the climate scare we created over the last 30 years,” Michael Shellenberger wrote last month. “Climate change is happening. It’s just not the end of the world. It’s not even our most serious environmental problem.”