A small request with a big benefit for Alaska.

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This is a small request that will result in a big benefit: you attending the Army Corps hearing concerning Pebble.

While the mine footprint has been greatly reduced and impacts eliminated, the benefits remain huge. You know that everyone in every industry here will benefit from Pebble, which will generate desperately needed jobs in the region and provide an estimated $1 billion in revenue to the state over 20 years.

For Pebble and our state, timing is everything.

As you know there are moments when our state government supports safe and environmentally protective resource development. The same goes for the federal government.

In recent times, both the state and federal governments have been – let’s say – less accepting of resource development.

Right now is that rare moment when the state AND federal administrations see the value in Alaska’s vast natural resources, for the benefit of Alaska and the nation.

This unique moment in time is a moment we cannot squander.

As our resource revenues continue to decline and our state faces serious budget challenges, Pebble could be the first step to turn the state around – letting investors worldwide know Alaska is open for business.

While we’ve long known the tremendous opportunity Pebble holds for Alaskan jobs, tax revenue and economic opportunity, it appeared that politics would keep the project from receiving a fair and full hearing on its merits and science.

Follow this link to let us know you are in, and we will keep you up-to-date.

This is an important moment for our industry and state – a moment that we must seize while it is here.