Open for Business? AKDOT takes $49m in CARES relief funds ⁠—threatens struggling AK companies with 10.5% interest penalty.

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The Situation: The Department of Transportation & Public Facilities took money intended to be used for “relief” and responded by threatening a 10.5% interest penalty on late payments from struggling Alaska businesses ⁠—on top of already onerous lease increases. 18 months prior to the current public health emergency, Alaska companies asked the administration and DOT&PF to review the steep, and in our review some … read more

Norway: Oil tax policy change to preserve jobs; Massachusetts: Turn off the lights?

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OIL Oil companies win some tax reliefViews and News from Norway, June 8, 2020 The leaders of Norway’s three largest opposition parties in Parliament finally struck a compromise with the government on Monday that offers some tax relief to oil companies on the Norwegian continental shelf, but not as much as they wanted. The goal is to preserve jobs, even … read more