Nitty-gritty of climate policy; Alaska Center encourages mob mentality at Brune hearing

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The flaws in Dutch climate policy [Gas Transitions]
Karel Beckman, Natural Gas News, March 20, 2019

Why should the wisdom of Dutch climate policy be of concern to anyone besides Dutch taxpayers? At this moment all developed countries are entering a new phase in their climate policies. They are moving beyond broad reduction targets and temperature goals to the nitty-gritty of real climate measures and tough choices. The debate is not anymore about whether to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or even by how much, but how. From this point on there are still many different roads into the future. The Dutch example is instructive because we are talking about a wealthy, urban, industrialized country – a self-proclaimed climate leader within the European Union. A country moreover that has decided to phase out the use of “unabated” natural gas for the sake of the climate. Yet its climate policies for cutting greenhouse gas emissions are full of flaws.

Our Take: What’s not to love? The cost is anyone’s guess, the poor will pay more, minimal results…

Rule of Law in Alaska Under Threat
Dave Harbour, Northern Gas Pipelines, March 19,2019

Several years ago, we warned that whether one likes a natural resource project or not is immaterial. What is material is the rule of law.   We were and continued to be concerned when powerful interests seek to end-run due process. In the case of the Pebble Project noted in the link, significant Obama Administration effort was focused on subverting lawful, due process in the Pebble case. (The “Pebble” issue arises here since one of the appointee’s previous employers was that project). Friday, we testified (Video, 22:59) at an Alaska House of Representatives Resources Committee hearing regarding the confirmation of Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner-designee Jason Brune, an unusually well qualified candidate. We were shocked to observe an Army of well-organized witnesses primarily from coastal villages, many using the most uncivil, emotional, non-factual, personal attacks on the integrity and qualifications on this competent, qualified citizen.

Our Take: Headlamp was disappointed to see legislators like Rep Sponholz focus on quantity not quality. Very few people provided substantive testimony. Most of those testifying were rude, emotional and personally attacked Mr. Brune and questioned his integrity.   Rep Sponholz fell for it and seems to believe that individuals who have worked for resource development organizations or resource development projects are not eligible to serve in state government, no matter what their credentials.