Industry partnerships improving environmental performance. Goodbye Mr. Balash

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The 2019 Environmental Partnership Annual Report

As the oil and natural gas industry supplies the energy needed to power America’s modern economy, its continued commitment to advance environmental solutions has never been stronger. That’s the context for The Environmental Partnership, a new coalition of oil and natural gas companies that have voluntarily committed to continuously improve the industry’s environmental performance. To underscore our commitment, our participants agreed to track their progress and report annually.

Our Take:  The oil and gas industry has made huge strides in improving their environmental performance. This partnership is committed to continually improving the industry’s environmental performance.  


Alaskan Joe Balash resigns as assistant secretary of Interior
Liz Ruskin, Alaska Public Media, August 20, 2019

U.S. Interior Department Assistant Secretary Joe Balash, one of the highest-placed Alaskans in President Donald Trump’s administration, has resigned.  His boss, Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, announced it by tweet Tuesday afternoon. Balash was confirmed in 2017 as Interior’s assistant secretary for Land and Minerals Management. He oversees the bureaus of Land Management and Ocean Energy Management. He’s been working to prepare for the first oil lease sale in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.  In his resignation letter, Balash does not cite a reason. He said he’s proud of the work he’s done, including lifting regulations on resource extraction industries, and the environmental work on ANWR.

Our Take:  A real loss for Alaska. Balash was working hard to advance opportunities for drilling in ANWR. Best wishes in your new venture Mr. Balash. 


Socialism does more harm than good for the environment
Danielle Butcher, The Hill, August 20, 2019

In no other economy do producers have such a responsibility to consumers and to their resources as they do under capitalism. Free-market societies require excellent business practices. If you do not treat your fellow man with the best of intentions, if you do not follow sustainable business practices, and if you do not responsibly manage your resources, consumers have the option to leave for a competitor. You will have a surplus of goods with no buyers, and your business will fail. It is in the best interest of everyone to do business well. Believing that corporations and the market will do well is not an idealist fantasy of the right — it happens every day. Delta Airlines works with The Nature Conservancy to voluntarily offset carbon emissions. Madewell gives their customers a $20 discount on new jeans when they bring in an old pair. Those old jeans are then donated to Habitat for Humanity to be upcycled into housing insulation. Patagonia recently saved $10 million dollars through tax cuts and planned to donate that sum to conservation and charity organizations.