Friday Fact Check: Trump vs. Obama on Coal; Candidates supporting BM1.

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Missing the Mark Again
Count on Coal, October 8, 2020

The New York Times likes to pick convenient data – for the NYT.   Suggesting that miners fared better during the Obama Administration – 8 years where 50,000 coal jobs were lost – is a sour notion.

The piece cherry picks data to further a narrative that the Trump administration has failed to deliver for miners, going as far to suggest that the industry fared better under the Obama administration. It’s an absurd conclusion, not least of which because coal employment data is very clear that before the pandemic, the Trump administration was able to halt a dramatic decline in coal employment that came during the Obama years.

In their own words… Candidates in key races supporting Ballot Measure 1 and earning a HELL NO! vote from us:

Dr. Al Gross, US Senate Candidate on SB 21: “Bad for Alaskan families” and “A Poison Pill” 

Marna Sandford, Senate District B: “I’m a yes on 1.” 

Dan Mayfield, Senate District D: “I personally support Ballot Measure 1 as it is the only possible new revenue source that could have an impact in the next Legislative session by bringing into the General Fund, up to $1 Billion.”

Roselynn Cacy, Senate District L: “Alaska needs a fair share of its resource development.”

Jim Cooper, Senate District F: “My choice is to get back the Billion dollars per year the oil companies are taking”

Carl Johnson, Senate District N:  “I’m a vote yes on 1”

Christopher Quist, House District 1: “I support reforming Alaska’s oil tax structure, reducing and eventually eliminating our oil industry subsidies…”

Lyn Franks, Candidate for House District 15: “Oil and gas companies need to pay their fair share.”

Sue Levi, House District 24: “I support Ballot Measure #1 and the maximizing our income on the sale of our natural resources.”

Liz Snyder, Candidate for House District 27: “[SB 21]…robbing Alaskans of our fair share.” 

Suzanne LaFrance, Candidate for House District 28: Signed the petition to repeal SB 21 in 2014.