Friday Fact Check: Fibbing by the Fair Share Folks…

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In a week  filled with fact-checking news, we couldn’t help but notice the fact-fudging “Believe It or Not” ads rolled out by the Vote Yes campaign and the agency they hired:   

“Alaskans aren’t getting a fair share for our oil”

Since 2014, Alaska has received over $8.7 billion in taxes and $13.8 billion in total state revenue from oil companies.  AKA 90% of Alaska’s tax revenue from businesses.   #90%seemsfair

“Save Your Dividend – Vote Yes for Alaska’s Fair Share”

The reduction in PFD payouts had nothing to do with oil taxes:

  • Governor Walker vetoed half of the PFD and
  • The legislature upheld the veto and in subsequent budgets reduced the PFD and
  • The Alaska Supreme Court supported their actions – finding that the PFD was a budget item that could be cut. 

Raising oil taxes will do nothing to change that.    #Falseadvertising

“SB 21 has been a disaster for Alaska”

SB 21 is producing more oil – 75,000 bpd –  and more revenue – $1.5 billion –  for the state than was projected under ACES.    # ItsWorking! 

Believe them?  Or Not…