Feel Good Friday:  Alaska – Back on the Map!

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On Thursday,  May 30th, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association hosted its annual conference.  Presenters focused on why Alaska is on the “oil and gas map”.       

Lt. Governor Kevin Meyers announced that BP Alaska and Exxon Mobil have pledged $20m towards the funding required to obtain permitting for the Alaska LNG project:

BP and ExxonMobil to give a $20 million assist to Alaska LNG

Department of Natural Resources Commissioner,  Corri Feige, explained why she felt Alaska was full of opportunity:

  • In 2019, a dozen exploration wells were drilled – the highest number in 15 years!
  • An ANWR lease sale is pending in 2019
  • A Fall SALSA lease sale is planned that will provide extensive data to the winners

Mike Sommers from the American Petroleum Institute noted that in order for the US to be energy dominant, it must leverage Alaska’s North Slope, the Arctic, offshore oil, ANWR and the NPRA! 

AOGA conference says Alaska is ‘back on the map’ for oil and gas development

Benji Backer from the American Conservation Coalition participated in a climate change panel and reminded participants that “Companies have a lot of power in how we save our environment and it’s really great to see companies taking action.” 

Socially Responsible Investment and Consumer-Led Environmentalism