Constitutional Convention Cliff Notes 3

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In preparation for voting on the question of a constitutional convention on your general election ballot, we are providing “cliff notes” on the details of how a convention works. Parts 1 & 2 can be found here.


Once the language to be used is resolved, the LG must place the ballot title and proposition on the ballot in the “next statewide general election” that occurs more than “120 days after the amendment [was] proposed by” the convention. AS 15.50.030.

  •  If the language question is not resolved until after the regular ballots have been printed up, but there is still more than 120 days before the “next statewide general election,” then the LG must have a separate ballot printed up.
  •  If the language question in not resolved before 120 days before the “next statewide general election,” then the vote on the proposed amendments will have to be postponed until the next statewide general election, i.e., two years later.
  • For example, if in 2022 the voters vote to hold a constitutional convention, the delegates would be elected presumably in 2024. The convention would be held, and amendments proposed, presumably in 2025. But if the court fight over the language was not resolved by very early July 2026, the public vote on the proposed amendments wouldn’t occur until 2028. Presumably, the courts could be prevailed upon to make the decisions in time to allow the public vote in 2026.


  •  The Director of Elections must post a copy of the proposition for each proposed amendment in each polling place in the state. AS 15.50.040.
  • “If a majority of the votes cast on the proposition favor the amendment, the constitutional amendment is adopted.” AS 15.50.050.
  • If approved, each amendment becomes effective 30 days after the Lt. Gov. certifies the vote. AS 15.50.060.