A letter to Robin Brena from an unemployed oilfield worker.

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Dear Mr. Brena:

I just lost my job on the Slope, and don’t know when or if I’ll get back on. I used to feel lucky that I survived the support industry layoffs that happened from 2015-2018, when more than 6,000 Alaskans lost their jobs.  I don’t feel so lucky anymore.   Because of what’s happening with oil prices around the world, it will be at least a year before I get a chance to go back to work on the Slope.    If you have your way, I may not have any work to go back to. 

A friend of mine showed me a column you wrote, asking people to raise taxes oil companies pay. At first, I thought it was a joke, that someone would be thinking about raising taxes during a global oil crisis, but then I saw your website and realized that it is no joke. 

This made me wonder who you really are.  Here’s what I found in a 5-minute internet search.

  • You made “a fortune” suing oil companies, according to Alaska public radio.
  • You own a law firm and raised a lot of campaign money for Governor Bill Walker, another person who has always wanted to raise taxes on the oil industry.
  • You’ve made more than $500,000 in campaign contributions.  
  • You own somewhere between 10-15 commercial and residential rental properties in Anchorage.
  • According to the muni website – your house on the water in South Anchorage has 9000 square feet, 8 bathrooms, an elevator, and an indoor swimming pool.  It looks like a castle to me.

So, I guess no matter what happens with oil taxes, I don’t have to worry about you Mr. Brena.  You’ll be just fine.

It’s the working people, Alaskans like me, who have a lot to worry about if you get your way.