Shale revolution saves lives; Tax relief leads to LNG investment…in Canada

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Research finds US shale revolution is responsible for saving tens of thousands of lives every year
Mark J. Perry, AEI, March 25, 2019

The American shale gas revolution, with it’s 57% increase in natural gas production in the US since 2006, contributed to a 53% decrease in natural gas prices has helped to save tens of thousands of deaths every year. Likewise, any increase in average winter temperatures would similarly reduce winter mortality in the US and around the world. In contrast, how many lives would be lost if the Green New Deal was implemented and energy prices from inefficient windmills and solar panels dramatically increased?

According to The Economist “Few businesspeople have done as much to change the world as George Mitchell,” the father of fracking, who pioneered the economic extraction of shale gas. George Mitchell died in 2013, but if he were still alive, I would nominate him for the Nobel Peace Prize for changing the world and saving tens of thousands of lives from lower energy costs. The Father of Fracking has saved infinitely more lives then past Nobel Peace laureates like Jimmy Carter, Barack Obama and Al Gore.

AGDC Study Could Decide Future Of AK LNG Project
Jennifer Williams, KSRM, March 27, 2019

The future of the Alaska LNG project could be decided in the next 50 days depending on the results of an economic study conducted by the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation (AGDC). Governor Mike Dunleavy: “AGDC is supposed to come out with an economic study, within 50-55 days, that will determine how or if we move forward. Depending on what that data shows us we will have a discussion with the legislature and see how they want us to proceed.”   Governor Dunleavy traveled to Houston for an international energy conference two weeks ago. Dunleavy: “Long story short, the world is awash in gas right now. Some of these projects could be a challenge, but we are still looking.”


Oil and gas news briefs for March 28, 2019, Larry Persily

Tax relief package for LNG likely to win approval in B.C. Parliament

British Columbia’s New Democrats have crafted what will be necessary to put the province on a competitive level with rival jurisdictions for LNG development. On March 25, they introduced a package of tax relief and credits valued at $6 billion over 40 years — and it looks like they calculated correctly. In October, Shell and its partners made a final investment decision on the Kitimat-based LNG Canada project, predicated on B.C. upholding its side of the fiscal agreement.

Status quo isn’t sustainable
Andrew Jensen, Alaska Journal of Commerce, March 27, 2019

There’s been no shortage of sturm and drang over Gov. Michael J. Dunleavy’s proposal to radically overhaul the state budget with deep cuts to K-12 and university education, Medicaid and the state ferry system. What there has been very little of from the defenders of the status quo are alternatives to achieve better outcomes and reform the state’s unsustainable spending habits.

Our Take: There will be a compromise. “Neither solution is achievable in the reality of a divided government in Juneau, but only one recognizes the old axiom known as Stein’s Law: “if something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”


                  Alaska house subcommittees propose much smaller cuts than those in Dunleavy’s budget

From the Washington Examiner Daily on Energy:

SENATE DEMOCRATS BACK LAMAR ALEXANDER’S GREEN NEW DEAL ALTERNATIVE: Senate Democrats expressed support Wednesday for a Republican alternative to the progressive “Green New Deal,” one that calls for doubling federal energy research funding to spur clean and affordable energy.

Democrats said Sen. Lamar Alexander’s, R-Tenn., “New Manhattan Project for Clean Energy” could produce bipartisan agreement on areas such as spending on advanced nuclear energy research, natural gas, carbon capture technologies for fossil fuel plants, advanced batteries for energy storage, energy efficient buildings, cheaper solar energy technologies, and electric cars.