More mining is the answer; Fuel thrives during lockdown? Biden running mate.

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One Fuel Is Thriving During the World’s Biggest Lockdown
Saket Sundria and Ann Koh, Bloomberg, April 14, 2020

Liquefied petroleum gas — used for cooking at home in India and other Asian countries — has avoided the collapse in consumption that’s hit gasoline and diesel. It’s also benefiting as authorities stock up on supplies for lower-income people, while production of LPG — a byproduct of oil refining — is falling as processors wind down activities to cope with lower overall demand for fuels.


Coronavirus crisis spurs calls for more U.S. mining
Brian Dabbs, National Journal, April 12, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak is laying bare a strained U.S. supply chain for pharmaceuticals and medical devices.  And now, lawmakers on Capitol Hill are quietly renewing a push on controversial legislation to boost U.S. production of dozens of minerals to stave off similar crises in the future.


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