GOOD Bill of the Week:  HJR 20 – No “ broad, vague, hard to define” rules.

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In a reversal of our normal Friday award – we want to take the opportunity this week to recognize the GOOD bill of the week:  HJR 20,  introduced by Representatives Tom Baker, Frank Tomaszewski, Zack Fields, Stanley Wright, George Rauscher,  and Tom McKay. HJR 20 is a resolution for the legislature to consider,  urging “ withdrawal of proposed Bureau of … read more

AK Does It Better:  Red Dog Mine First To Meet High ESG Standards.

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Today’s Key Takeaway:   ANWR lease sale a political risk for Biden. Red Dog mine is the world’s first zinc mine to be awarded the Zinc Mark – recognizing it for meeting high ESG standards. 50% growth in global LNG by 2050. Neutering an energy watchdog. NEWS OF THE DAY: Looming Arctic oil sale reveals political risks for BidenHeather Jones, E … read more

Governments and Environmentalists “Naïve to Believe…”

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Today’s Key Takeaways: Time to admit that reducing oil and gas production will raise the price of energy globally. Cook Inlet gas crunch could lead to higher prices. AK Energy Metals sitting on HUGE nickel resource. The truth about the cost of IRA clean energy provisions. NEWS OF THE DAY: TotalEnergies: States Must Admit Transition Would Raise Energy PricesTsvetana Paraskova, … read more