The Morning Headlamp – Gas reserves tax supporter files to run for AKLEG

Still competitive. Alaska Public Radio News covered reports that despite freefalling oil prices, the AKLNG megaproject still potentially remains a globally competitive venture due to growing Asian markets. Coverage largely focused on the economic and geographic realities associated with the megaproject, specifically that Alaska is closer to Asian markets than the U.S. Gulf Coast, or the Middle East. With proven reserves, AKLNG is best positioned to serve the emerging market. Although the price of coal in Asia remains the cheapest option, an LNG market remains available for whoever has the means to supply it. Marty Rutherford, Deputy Commissioner at the state Department of Natural Resources, says the gas line is essential for Alaska’s economic future despite inherent risks associated with the megaproject. Headlamp agrees that AKLNG has tremendous global potential, but also emphasizes that Alaska still has work to do to keep the project’s cost of supply low. Alaska lawmakers need to put into perspective the opportunity that AKLNG represents and continue to move toward completion.

Time for school. Sit News reported that grants totaling $253,890 were awarded to 12 organizations through the Vocational Fund for Alaska’s Future (VFAF). Aimed at developing skills needed to be competitive in the state’s resource-based economy, the grants were largely awarded to organizations and projects that support rural Alaskan communities. Headlamp applauds the news that more resources are being made available to provide more Alaskans with the tools necessary to thrive in the many growing industries in Alaska.

Harry Crawford, organizer of the failed ballot initiative for a gas reserves tax has filed to run for office.  Again.  Crawford didn’t identify if he would run for the house or the senate – Rep. Lance Pruitt would be his opponent in a house race and Senator Cathy Giessel would be the opponent in a senate race. 


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