Morning Headlamp — Walker’s AGDC transformation

The state’s first living boondoggle.” In a lengthy editorial in the Alaska Journal of Commerce, Andrew Jensen sharply criticized Gov. Walker’s handling of AGDC during his time in office. According to Jensen, “Walker’s lack of transparency and honesty over his true intentions for the AK LNG Project have been borne out by his actions. He’s paid lip service to the project and our partners all the while taking every step possible to crater the effort. What Walker wants is clear. What makes him think he’ll be successful other than a circle of like-minded people rooting him on is impossible to decipher.”

Alaska US Senator Lisa Murkowski is pleased that the Bureau of Land Management has decided to issue a Notice of Intent to conduct an environmental review for a proposed oil and gas development project in Alaska. “I am extremely pleased BLM is taking this vital first step toward additional development in the NPR-A. The initiation of the permitting process for the GMT-2 project builds on the success we have all fought for and achieved in recent years,” Murkowski said in a statement.

As the Democratic National Convention moves along, Alaskans are reminded of when Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine visited Alaska in 2015. During his visit, Kaine spoke at length on a variety of Arctic issues. According to Kaine, “there’s so many issues dealing with Alaska or the Arctic Refuge,” he said when asked about his visit, making reference to the wilderness designation, climate change and resource development.”


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