Morning Headlamp –Speaker of the House Admits Failure as House Majority goes Nuclear

WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED? In a rare move, the House Majority turned their back on compromise discussions, inserted their version of the operating budget as an 89 page amendment to SB 23 (the capital budget), passed the bill and adjourned. The action took $5 billion dollars out of the earnings reserve account of the Permanent Fund. This move will lead to either another special session or a government shutdown. 


Here’s what others are saying about their actions: 

“It was a stunning night for the Alaska House of Representatives, and for all the damage it’s done it won’t accomplish a thing.” Matt Buxton, The Midnight Sun

“The move, on what would be the second-to-last day of the special session, appears to be more of a restatement of the largely Democratic House majority coalition’s priorities than a negotiated agreement with the Republican-led Senate to avert a government shutdown July 1.”  Nat Herz, Alaska Dispatch News

“The House’s do-or-die move Thursday night was extraordinarily rare, but not unprecedented in the annals of the Legislature. In 1993, according to Legislative records, the House passed a drop-dead bill onto the Senate, which rejected it. If history is any guide, however, there’s room for optimism. A few days after the Senate rejected the bill, the two sides reached a compromise.” James Brooks, Juneau Empire

“House Speaker Bryce Edgmon told reporters it was not an ideal way to end the session and fell short in achieving his House majority coalition’s goal of getting in place a plan to address the state’s multibillion-dollar deficit.”  Becky Boohrer, AP

“We were surprised by the House Majority’s actions tonight. They did not get the job done for Alaska. A compromise is required to protect Alaskans and put the state on a stable fiscal path.” Gov. Bill Walker

“Tonight’s House floor action was a betrayal of many conversations between the two bodies in an attempt to compromise.” Senator Pete Kelly


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