Morning Headlamp — OCS leases need more than federal approval to succeed

Given industry pullout and credit ratings downgrades in 2015-2016, Alex DeMarban asks the question, “If feds hold a Cook Inlet lease sale, will anyone come?” According to DeMarban, “Even industry representatives now seem uncertain whether this latest sale, if it’s held, will produce any bids.” What we do know is that if the lease sale does NOT occur, companies absolutely won’t be arriving in Cook Inlet with their investment dollars. Shutting off opportunity for development because of unfounded perceptions that industry isn’t interested, is a bad way to go about making public policy. The resource base Alaska has is incredible. Commodity prices will rebound, and we must have policies in place that will have enabled companies to be ready for that time. Lease sales must occur so that companies can begin exploring and laying the ground work on projects before production occurs.  

Years of fieldwork conducted by the Alaska LNG project have been submitted as resource report drafts to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The project managers submitted the second draft of the 10 reports, totaling more than 33,000 pages, to the federal government on July 15. There are two other drafts as well, detailing reliability and safety and PCB contamination, that have not been made available yet. Other reports focus on the project’s effect on natural resources such as fish, wildlife, vegetation, soils, air and noise quality, geological resources and water quality.


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