Morning Headlamp — New crop of AK independents look to make waves in the legislature

Alaska Chamber of Commerce CEO Curtis Thayer penned a commentary in the Alaska Dispatch News where he called for a quick end to the budget debate before more economic confidence is lost. In his piece, Thayer says that “Alaskans want deeper cuts to state spending. More than any option, including new taxes or tapping into Permanent Fund earnings – more even than a combination of taxes and cuts – voters want a state government that Alaska can afford.”

Following last Thursday’s filing deadline, Alaska Dispatch News reported on the large number of new legislative candidates entering the field this cycle in Alaska. Specifically, more than a dozen people filed to run as independents in this year’s election — twice the number who ran for the Legislature two years ago. The independents will lack party infrastructure and expertise to support their bids; they won’t be able to build name recognition and hone their battle skills in the August primary election. Headlamp is all for shaking up legislative makeups in the name of government efficiency, but we seem to recall a certain independent governor who only complicated matters…

Alaska Resource Development Council calls on Alaskans to make their voices heard on OCS leasing! In an action alert, AKRDC wants Alaskans, “to defend the Alaska lease sales and show strong support that Alaskans do in fact support OCS development. Even though the lease sales in Alaska are not scheduled until late in the new proposed five-year lease plan, we need to make sure BOEM doesn’t remove Alaska like they have done to other regions.”

The comment period on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) outer continental shelf proposal closes in 10 days! Are you like Headlamp and think Alaskans should have the right to pursue safe, sustainable resource development? Tell the BOEM what you think here.


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