Morning Headlamp — Meyer fields tough gasline questions

AGDC president Keith Meyer fielded some tough questions from the board of directors, including this one from Vice Chairman Hugh Short. “What do you say to someone who says AGDC, State of Alaska should just hang it up? That you’re out there spending state resources on a project that’s never going to happen?” Short asked. Meyer argued the state owes it to its people to take a look at whether it can compete with other LNG projects around the world. “I’m pretty convinced that if you do nothing on this time frame, this go-around, this next window, you’ve missed it for a number of decades, maybe for longer than that,” said Meyer. Headlamp believes that AGDC owes it to Alaskans to spend state resources wisely. Chasing customers and investors and opening an office in Houston are not wise uses of state dollars. Governor Walker’s oil and gas advisor recently stated, publicly, that “Alaska is an oil company, so we should act like one.” Headlamp strongly disagrees. Alaska is NOT an oil company. The State should stop trying to act like one, and instead start acting like the government it is. 

Hilcorp Alaska, headquartered in Houston, recently began unveiling plans for the new pad that would extend Milne Point to the northwest, filing permit applications with state and federal agencies. The company recently delivered a newly built drilling rig to the North Slope to support a proposed development known as Moose Pad that could produce at least 10,000 barrels of oil daily, a company executive said on Thursday. Headlamp applauds Hilcorp for the $200 million it plans to invest in Alaska’s economy in the coming year. 


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