Morning Headlamp — How many experts is too many experts?

Yet another expert…President of the Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. and retired U.S. Coast Guard vice admiral and former deputy secretary of the Transportation Department, Thomas Barrett calls for increased investment in Alaska’s resource development. In a Wall Street Journal commentary, Barrett argues that, “Alaska’s Arctic offshore oil basins offer an opportunity to maintain a stable and safely produced domestic energy supply… Americans will need to rely on fossil fuels for much of their energy needs for decades to come. It would be shortsighted to limit voluntarily the options for strengthening U.S. energy security.” How many proven industry, financial, and national security experts must call on increased Alaskan resource development before lawmakers—state and federal—actually capitalize on our state’s potential?

Rep. Shelley Hughes submitted a commentary calling for reduced government and increased innovation from Alaska’s private sector. According to Hughes, “An important part of my job is to remove those barriers, to release the grip of government. Let’s allow people not just to dream about their potential but step into it, to become what they were destined to be-productive and successful.  Add to accomplishment and success, integrity and service, and a heart for inspiring and reaching out to help others rise up and do their best.”

The first liquefied natural gas vessel from the Lower 48 is on its way to China, according to a Reuters interactive map on Friday, the latest sign that the expanded Panama Canal is allowing U.S. exports to reach the world’s top LNG buyers in Asia.


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