Morning Headlamp — Lawmakers potentially without a bed if session moves to Anchorage

Just looking for a bed at this point. According to the Alaska Dispatch News, lawmakers are considering moving the special session from Juneau to Anchorage next week. Unfortunately for legislators, the biennial festival of Native culture, a celebration that draws about 5,000 people, is underway causing Juneau’s hotels to be full for three nights next week. “The rooms have been booked a year and a half in advance,” said Dana Ruaro, the sales manager for the Goldbelt and Baranof hotels, two of Juneau’s largest.

Professor emeritus of history at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Steve Haycox calls on Alaskans to come to a consensus on how to best use our abundant natural resources. Haycox recognizes innate tension between wanting to protect the environment and the economy, but stresses that polarization and failure to compromise will result in failing in both endeavors. Concluding his commentary, Haycox writes, “Expressed resentment and strident critiques of federal management of Alaska lands generate polarization and prevent exploration of cooperative mechanisms that serve multiple interests. Most reasonable leaders and managers respect those who transcend differences and find the points of consensus. In the long run, it’s more productive.”

Worldcrunch covered news that energy giant Total is making progress on their Russian megaproject, Yamal LNG. To the French oil company, which owns 20% of Yamal LNG and 18.9% of Novatek, the project represents 90,000 barrels per day. While the factory’s production in Yamal does not start until the third trimester of 2017, the French construction company Vinci is currently finished with the construction of the four gigantic tanks destined to store liquefied gas. Headlamp would also like to point out that the massive energy venture also employs over 15,000 people. Yamal LNG is one of the largest energy megaprojects in the industry right now, especially given AKLNG’s absence. Headlamp warns lawmakers and those who are hesitant about committing to energy investment that if Alaska misses our chance, others won’t.

The comment period on the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) outer continental shelf proposal closes in less than two weeks. Are you like Headlamp and think Alaskans should have the right to pursue safe, sustainable resource development? Tell the BOEM what you think here.


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