The Morning Headlamp—Gov. Walker’s self-evaluation

Gov. Walker, a review. The Associated Press interviewed Governor Bill Walker about his first year in office. The Governor, despite a turbulent start, believes that Alaska is continues to progress, but acknowledges the challenges right around the corner. Walker said one of his goals is to spend more time with legislators, talking with them and getting their input. In addition, the administration also is expected next year to bring contracts to the Legislature for consideration for the AKLNG megaproject the state is pursuing with the North Slope’s major producers. Headlamp is happy to hear that Walker’s goals revolve around communication and cooperation with the Legislature.

Using some portion of the Permanent Fund to fund state government is a key component of several budget “fix” plans – including Governor Walker’s.  What does that really mean for the fund and for the PFD?  Brad Keithley provides some hard numbers in a piece from his blog.


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