Morning Headlamp — Alaska, the poster child

Alaska, North Dakota, Wyoming, New Mexico, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, which enjoyed the feast of the shale revolution, are now threatened with famine. How they weather the storm, analysts now say, could largely determine their fiscal and economic fortunes for the next decade. According to Market Watch, Alaska, poster child of oil-dependent states, wasn’t alone: Plunging oil prices have drilled holes into state budgets — $2 billion in Louisiana, $1.3 billion in Oklahoma, $1.3 billion in North Dakota — that left lawmakers bickering over how to close the gaps.

A contract has been awarded to Alliance member Crowley Maritime Corporation’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) services group to supply Alaska LNG to the Alaska Power and Telephone Company’s Tok plant from the Titan Pt. Mackenzie plant. The contract includes both the product supply and technical services required to leverage the benefits of LNG at the Tok plant.


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