Morning Headlamp — AKLNG’s new vision unnerves some lawmakers

Is Walker Coming Clean on State-Led Gasline Plans? Alaska Senators Anna MacKinnon and Cathy Giessel are both anxious about AGDC President Keith Meyer’s announcement concerning the AKLNG megaproject’s future “vision.” “We’ve heard the governor imply that he wants to go it alone but this was the first time that we had seen it said explicitly,” by someone in the administration, state Sen. Cathy Giessel, said at a Commonwealth North task force meeting Friday, June 24. “We’ve been asking why we need to be spending $1 million a month on attorneys, including some brought in from London, and we were told that all of this was on work that was ‘inside the lanes,’ to support the present partnership structure,” and not on a new go-it-alone strategy said MacKinnon. Walker has always wanted the state in a lead role or even as sole developer of the giant gas project. Last year he pushed a plan for the state gas corporation, AGDC, to expand a smaller back-up pipeline plan, developed as a backstop to get gas to Alaska communities, into a larger project that could feed an LNG export plant and be in competition with the Alaska LNG Project. Headlamp hopes that more members of the legislature question the recent announcement for AKLNG. Alaska has a long history in resource development, but the private sector has always been a partner every step of the way.

The Associated Press reported that Gov. Bill Walker has picked an attorney with oil and gas experience as his new commissioner of the Department of Natural Resources. Walker on Thursday announced the appointment of Andy Mack. He replaces Mark Myers, who retired in February. Mack worked as a civil and criminal defense attorney for five years and as a legislative assistant for more than 10 years.


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