The Morning Headlamp, 49 days until Juneau: AKLNG needs to clean up its act if it wants recognition…AKLNG vote on the horizon…and “Alaska will give no more”

“Alaska will give no more” The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee on Thursday will hold an oversight hearing on the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, a 1980 law that protected more than 100 million acres of federal lands in the Last Frontier State but that many Alaskans today feel has been flouted by the Obama administration. “Embedded was a promise,” he said. “A lot of Alaskans feel those promises have not been lived up to.” Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who chairs the committee, weighed in on the hearing emphasizing that “The Obama administration is breaking a legal commitment the federal government made to Alaska when it agreed to place over 100 million acres into conservation status. Alaska will give no more.” The hearing is scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 3, at 10 a.m. in 366 Dirksen. Reprinted from E&E Daily with permission from Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC 202/628-6500.

Can we get some help too? An Alaska Dispatch News commentary highlighted the fact that a federal agency is already subsidizing competing LNG projects in two foreign countries targeting the same potential buyers. Projects in Australia and Papua New Guinea have received aid from the Export-Import Bank of the United States in a sustained effort to promote American business interests abroad. Sen. Lisa Murkowski noted the potential for Alaska to capitalize on similar aid, remarking on the fact that Alaskan companies “have not taken advantage of the Export-Import bank.” The federal government sent nearly $6 billion – mostly in the form of direct loans – to each of the overseas projects and both projects combined would produce a FRACTION of what AKLNG will generate. While recent Congressional inaction has rendered the application of the loans moot, it highlights the importance of maintaining an appealing environment for investment.

Filling the Fiscal Gap with Silence. In an Alaska Dispatch News op-ed, Randy Hoffbeck and Dr. Scott Goldsmith continued to raise doubts with Gov. Walker’s likely overhaul of Alaska’s fiscal policy, specifically, that “doing nothing — continuing the status quo — will guarantee fiscal and economic disaster for the state.” The pair emphasize the point that cooperation will be crucial going forward. Like Hoffbeck and Goldsmith, Headlamp is paying close attention to how the governor plans to handle Alaska’s financial situation.

Friday is Go/No-Go Day. The December 4th AKLNG approval vote is approaching quickly. Stick with Headlamp to stay up to date on what’s important.


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