January 20 – The True Beginning of the New Year

Our readers know all too well that Alaska has felt the brunt of the Obama Administration’s heavy handed regulations and midnight decrees that have stifled resource development and killed jobs. Headlamp is certainly looking forward to January 20, when in our view the reset button is hit and the new year truly begins.

One of our new year’s resolutions is to have President-elect Trump roll back many of the anti-development and anti-Alaskan regulations promulgated by the Obama Administration. Headlamp thinks Trump’s comments on the campaign trail bode well for Alaska and resource development.

“On energy, I will cancel job-killing restrictions on the production of American energy – including shale energy and clean coal – creating many millions of high-paying jobs,” Trump said.

Thankfully, right now Congress is taking proactive steps to help President-elect Trump achieve his campaign promises and fulfill our resolution.

According to a recent article, the House is preparing to vote on the REINS Act, which would give Congress greater oversight over the Executive Branch’s rule making authority. Under the REINS Act, all new major regulations with an economic impact of $100 million or more would be required to be voted up or down by Congress and then sent to the President for signature before becoming the law of the land.

Likewise, the Midnight Rules Relief Act, which passed the House in December, is expected to be signed by Trump and would give Congress the authority to disapprove multiple regulations submitted by federal agencies for Congressional review during the final year of a President’s term. Congress could disapprove of multiple regulations at once instead of having to disapprove of them individually.

This all means that Congress and President-elect Trump should be able to undo the $44 billion worth of midnight regulations the Obama Administration is looking to push through before January 20th.

Headlamp is optimistic for the new year. We think our resolution can seriously be achieved. Should Trump live up to his campaign promises regarding energy and resource development he will help Make Alaska Great Again.