ICYMI: Alaska’s government is not Alaska’s economy

Tomorrow the Alaska State Senate will vote on HB 115, legislation proposed by the House majority to implement an income tax. On the eve of what Headlamp would consider one of the most important votes of the session, we wanted to share Senator Cathy Giessel’s recent Guest Commentary from the Alaska Journal of Commerce.

You won’t read an opinion piece like this in the ADN or the Juneau Empire. No, a pro-business, pro-jobs, pro-private sector piece is found in a publication who has commerce as part of its name. And we’re thankful, because Senator Giessel makes some excellent points that Alaskans need to hear and the House would do well to remember.

  • “Jobs aren’t created because we want them. People who own businesses create jobs, through investment and taking risks: the small neighborhood eatery, the niche shoe store, the mine in rural Alaska, the commercial fishing boat, and the family-owned sports lodge.”
  • “Some legislators propose an income tax, raising existing taxes, and continued growth in government spending.
    Their proposals conflicts with reality: Alaska’s government is not Alaska’s economy, but bad government policies can and do harm the economy.”
  • “Alaskan families and businesses made hard choices these last two years, cutting wherever possible, and putting themselves under a hard spending cap. The Senate supports a spending cap for government budgets.”
  • “With a stable and sustainable government budget in place, Alaskan businesses can invest in their communities. Families can rest assured that the plan is focused on them and their future. Investments creating family supporting jobs can be made with confidence.”

Click here to read Senator Giessel’s entire Guest Commentary.