Headlamp – Thou “shall” hold lease sales in ANWR. Chenault out. Begich in?

Interior asking public not ‘if’, but ‘how’ to allow drilling in ANWR
KTOO Public Media, Elizabeth Harball, May 31, 2018

Public meetings on oil lease sales in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge are drawing intense interest from Alaskans across the state. Last night over 100 protesters gathered outside the Anchorage meeting. At the meeting, officials said the Trump administration must move forward with oil lease sales in ANWR. The Department of Interior’s Joe Balash said that’s because of specific language in the law Congress passed last year allowing drilling in ANWR. “The statutory provisions say, ‘DOI shall’,” Balash said.

From today’s Washington Examiner, Daily on Energy:


The oil industry’s lead trade group said it is “deeply discouraged” by President Trump’s Thursday decision to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada, Mexico and the European Union. “We are deeply discouraged by the administration’s actions to impose tariffs on our three closest trading partners,” said Jack Gerard, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute. The industry views the decision “as a step in the wrong direction,” he said. The oil and natural gas group has been pushing hard against tariffs proposed by Trump, including those imposed on $150 billion of Chinese products, because of the industry’s dependence on dozens of imports

Our Take: Senator Sullivan’s opposition to this speaks volumes “right strategy, wrong target.”  

US Senate Democrats ask Trump to act on rising gasoline prices
Oil and Gas Journal, Nick Snow, May 25, 2018

Four US Senate Democrats, including Ranking Minority Member Charles E. Schumer (NY) and Energy and Natural Resources Committee Ranking Minority Member Maria E. Cantwell (Wash.), have asked President Donald Trump to act in response to rising gasoline prices as the summer driving season gets under way. “Today, we call on you to use all your authority to take timely action to pressure the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and cooperating countries to increase world oil supplies to lower prices at the pump,” they said in a May 23 letter, which also was signed by Sens. Edward J. Markey (Mass.) and Robert Menendez (NJ).

Our Take: Go Senator Murkowski!! “This is pretty simple. If you don’t support access, leasing, production, pipelines, refineries, or the reasonable regulation of all of those, you’ll be left at the mercy of countries that don’t like us,” Murkowski maintained in her response to the group.

Sen. Cantwell presses Army Corps to add Pebble hearings in Washington state
Anchorage Daily News, Erica Martinson, May 31, 2018

Sen. Maria Cantwell wants the Army Corps of Engineers to expand its public meetings discussing the potential scope of Pebble mine to include events in her state, Washington. Cantwell wrote a letter to Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works R.D. James on Thursday asking for additional meetings in Washington so that her constituents can weigh in on the proposed gold and copper mine planned for the headwaters area of Bristol Bay.

Our Take: Maria Cantwell still leads the field in “Enemy Number One” to Alaska: If her good friend, Mark Begich, files for Governor today, perhaps he can be convinced to ask her to stay out of Alaska’s business, or better yet, stop inviting her here for fundraisers?

Is A Natural Gas Pipeline Between Alaska And China Realistic?
Oil Price.com, Irina Slav, May 31, 2018

When Alaska’s governor Bill Walker headed with a trade delegation to China earlier this week, he must have hoped to bring back good news about an 800-mile gas pipeline project that would see the state’s gas reserves flow into an increasingly gas-hungry Chinese economy. However, the only news the delegation brought home was that Sinopec and Bank of China were still interested in the project.

AOGA’s Great Debate Conference highlights key issues in Governor’s race
KTUU, Derek Minemyer, May 31, 2018

At an event foreshadowing the continued role of energy production in Alaska politics, the Alaska Oil and Gas Association held its Great Debate Conference at the Dena’ina Center Thursday, where gubernatorial candidates squared off against each other for screen time, armed to the teeth with well-rehearsed, pro-development talking points.

Our Take: AKHEADLAMP attended the event – when the candidates were asked if they would commit to opposing any increases in oil taxes, Dunleavy and Hawkins said “yes” immediately – Governor Walker wouldn’t make the commitment.

Natural Gas Weekly Update
U.S. Energy Information Administration, May 31, 2018

In April 2018, Bangladesh became the newest country to begin imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG). In the next two years, six more countries—Panama, Gibraltar, Russia, Philippines, Ghana, and Bahrain—are expected to start importing LNG, adding a combined 2.1 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d) of new regasification import capacity

Our Take: 7 new countries importing LNG is good news for the Alaska LNG project – the more the merrier.

Mike Chenault for Govern

It is with the deepest regret that I am announcing my withdrawal from the 2018 Republican race for Governor. There are several factors that led to my decision not to pursue the Governor’s office, most are personal and there are other reasons I would rather not discuss. I enjoyed the time I spent traveling around the state, making new acquaintances and meeting so many Alaskans who love our state and share the same passion I have of seeing our state become prosperous once again. Again, I truly appreciate those who lent their support to my campaign and thank those who spent the time to let me know of their concerns and ideas.

Our Take: Best wishes! Thank you for all that you have done for Alaska. It will seem strange in Juneau without you there.