Headlamp – What do we have to GAIN? Grow America’s Infrastructure Now.

Grow America’s Infrastructure Now
May 14, 2018

Grow America’s Infrastructure Now (GAIN) is a diverse coalition of businesses, trade associations, and labor groups that share an interest in creating jobs and strengthening our nation’s economy through infrastructure development. Investing in our nation’s infrastructure creates both long and short-term benefits for our communities and keeps our economy competitive in an increasingly global marketplace. We’ve let the integrity of our roads and bridges slip, our energy grid and infrastructure need updating, and scores of Americans are unable to access high speed internet. It is time for lawmakers in Washington to overhaul and improve our infrastructure. To learn more head to www.gainnow.org.

Our Take: This effort to develop infrastructure in America is crucial to Alaska’ future. Check out the website and sign up to receive updates.

China’s night-owl retail investors leverage up to dominate oil futures trade
Reuters, Meng Meng and Josephine Mason, May 14, 2018

As 9 pm approaches every weekday night in China, a small army of individual investors from around the country log onto trading apps on their mobile phones and laptops. Wall Street may be about to open but these night owls are interested in trading something much closer to home – the new Shanghai crude oil futures contracts that were launched in late March. Armed with risky loans from online firms or digging into their own savings, they threaten to play an outsized role in the new market, which has got off to a roaring start.

Our Take: As a potential partner for a $45 billion gas project – Alaskans are curious about China, especially their business acumen and investment environment. The trading activity here is high risk – and can have a significant impact on China’s role in oil trading

Alaska LNG developers in supply talks
Upstream, May 14, 2018

ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips are continuing talks with the developers of the $43 billion Alaska LNG project to supply North Slope gas to the proposed facility. A spokeswoman for ExxonMobil said the company had recently met with Alaska Gasline Development (AGD), which is leading the Alaska LNG project, to “progress” potential gas sale agreements.

Our Take: It’s good to see all three of Alaska’s major companies working with the state on potential gas sales agreements.

Industry doesn’t always fight regulations. Here’s why
Axios, Amy Harder, May 14, 2018

It’s an easy political talking point to say industry opposes all regulations, but the real story is more complicated, and we’ve seen it unfold in dramatic fashion under President Trump. Why it matters: Trump’s deregulatory push has got Washington lobbyists anxious and industries parting ways with usual Republican Party allies. Here’s why companies lobby for and against certain regulations, while changing positions over time.

Our Take: A great read about industry compliance with regulations and the misconception that they always oppose regulations.

Rep. Guttenberg’s nephew files to run for vacant House seat
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Erin Granger, May 12, 2018

Grier Hopkins, nephew of Rep. David Guttenberg, D-Fairbanks, and son of former Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor Luke Hopkins, has officially filed to run for Guttenberg’s soon-to-be vacant House seat. This announcement comes just days after Guttenberg announced he does not plan to run for reelection in this year’s upcoming state race. He will be facing Republican candidate Jim Sackett.