Headlamp Extra Edition – A glance at the gubernatorial candidates fundraising reports –

Mark Begich

  • The people who have been with him, forever.
  • Noticeably absent – union leadership and union PAC’s

Mike Dunleavy

  • A whole bunch of small donations from real people
  • $500 from Mike Robbins, Mead’s campaign manager
  • $500 from Craig Richards, Governor Walkers former AG

Mead Treadwell

  • A whole bunch of out-of-state folks
  • $500 from Mike Robbins, his campaign manager
  • Former state senator Tom Wagoner
  • Former state senator Lesil McGuire
  • Current state senator Gary Stevens (still listed on the primary ballot for lite gov)
  • Former Anchorage Mayor George Wuerch

Governor Bill Walker

  • All the Commissioners, his staff and other state employees who want to keep their jobs
  • $500 from Craig Richards, his former AG
  • $500 from Paul Seaton
  • $100 from Sterling Gallagher, the $1/4 million consultant who listed his employment as of 6/3/18 as “Government relations for the Alaska Natural Gas Co.”
  • Assemblyman John Weddleton
  • Perennial Pebble Protestor and BBNC President Jason Metrokin

In the category of bizarre?

Ross Bieling, running against Jennifer Johnston in the primary – House District 28

  • Total Raised – $9,352.48
    • $5,000 of his own cash
    • $3,752.48 of “in kind” that he donated to himself
    • $100 from Wayne Anthony Ross
    • $500 from Gabrielle LeDoux

Over the next few days we will look at the individual match ups in the legislature. There are several challengers to incumbents in the primary who are knocking it out of the park…