Headlamp – Dear Alaska – China is deepening oil and gas industry reforms to unleash potential.

Celebrate Alaska Mining Day by reading just how important the industry is to our state:

Economic Benefits of Alaska’s Mining Industry

What should Alaska do about climate change? Now’s your chance to weigh in.
KTOO Public Media, Rachel Waldholz, May 9, 2018

The Walker Administration is asking for public input as it develops a sweeping new climate policy for the state. The governor’s climate change task force has released an updated draft of the policy, and the public has until June 4 to weigh in online. The draft proposes a series of short-term targets to shrink the state’s carbon footprint. Those include cutting greenhouse gas emissions by about a third from 2005 levels; increasing energy efficiency by 15 percent; and generating half the state’s electricity from renewable sources — all by 2025.

Our Take: Say what you mean and mean what you say. If the “task force proposes Alaska increase investments in the state’s clean energy economy and promote natural gas as a potential “bridge fuel,” and “suggests using oil revenue to fund a ‘strategic transition’ to renewable energy and a more diversified economy,” they should take the lead on promoting a stable business climate for the industry whose money they hope to spend.

Oil and gas industry “needs 10,000 new roles” over next 20 years
BBC News, Orkney and Shetland, May 10, 2018

About 10,000 new oil and gas roles need to be created over the next 20 years to cope with the changing demands of the industry, it has been claimed. Skills and workforce body Opito said about 40,000 recruits are needed. A quarter of those would be new roles that do not currently exist – from data to robotics.

Our Take: Globally, as well as locally, the decline of the oil and gas industry is greatly exaggerated. Alaska should follow the path of other nations and embrace the industries that provide the highest paying jobs for its residents and does the most to improve the quality of life for them.

The Shape of a New Era: China’s evolving business environment
Spirit Now, February 16, 2018

Many of the major political meetings and national policy developments that impact ConocoPhillips’ business in China also take place in Beijing. Following the 19th Party Congress in October 2017, China’s policymakers are focused on enhancing the quality of economic growth through promoting more openness and flexibility. Policymakers are also looking to create sustainable economic growth and drive economic upgrading by emphasizing technologies such as artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, electric automobiles and general innovation.

Our Take: China is excited about their energy future. Chinese policymakers are “deepening oil and gas industry reforms to unleash potential.” Policy matters.

Hilcorp again the lone bidder in Cook Inlet lease sale
Anchorage Daily News, Elwood Brehmer, May 9, 2018

For the second consecutive year, Hilcorp Energy had free rein over Alaska’s annual Cook Inlet oil and gas lease sale. The Houston-based independent producer was the only company to bid on tracts in the basin, which was revealed Wednesday morning when Division of Oil and Gas officials opened the bids.

Our Take: Good to see Hilcorp is still interested in exploring for gas in the Cook Inlet!

Fairbanks Rep. Guttenberg to retire from Legislature

Our Take: Many thanks to Representative Guttenberg for his service to the state and best wishes to him in the future.