Headlamp – Friday’s Financial Foray: Trust but Verify what candidates say about the budget

Election season truly is a testament to the adage “if you say something often enough it will become true.”  As Alaskans are bombarded with sound bites from candidates this summer and throughout the fall, they will inevitably hear: 

  • We cut the budget
  • We didn’t cut the budget
  • We didn’t cut enough
  • We cut too much
  • We fully funded education
  • We underfunded education
  • We added more money to public safety
  • We didn’t add enough to public safety
  • There is NO MORE room to cut

Trust but verify.  Every Alaskan should be familiar with this page from the Office of Management and Budget: Division of Finance

You will find the state checkbook online, a report on the compensation and travel for executive positions and state savings account balances.

The state checkbook is worth the time and effort to read.  We promise that after reading a few pages you will be able to argue for or against many of the statements listed above. We can say this with confidence about the 213-page report as the first 18 ¾ pages are all checks written for travel…

Full Report for FY 2018