Friday’s Fast Five

Headlamp wants our followers to always be up to date with the developments in Alaska’s economy, politics, and industry. Check out this week’s rundown of the stories effecting you.

Top Story of the Week

Governor Bill Walker’s administration finally posted details online of state expenditures after a seven-month hiatus. The new posting lists thousands of expenses across state agencies, including payments to high-priced consultants for the governor’s office that have made headlines recently, such as $50,000 paid to federal lobbyist Jack Ferguson. The expenditures can be viewed here.

Top Reads of the Week

Paying the Price in the Last Frontier
US News and World Report, Pete Sepp, February 2, 2016
There seems to be a prevailing belief in Washington that any fiscal problem can immediately be fixed through “revenue enhancements.” Like waving a magic wand, imposing punitive tax measures on certain industries supposedly conjures up money from thin air, without any kind of drawbacks. The favorite target of the left – and sometimes even on the right – is the oil and natural gas sector.

Alaska LNG snatches up land, buoying a local economy
Alaska Dispatch News, Alex DeMarban, January 31, 2016
The three oil company partners in the $55 billion Alaska LNG project have acquired more than 150 tracts of land on the Kenai Peninsula as they piece together an expanse that could one day house a massive plant and shoreside facility where liquefied natural gas would be processed and exported.

Despite downturn, Hilcorp continues to buy
Peninsula Clarion, Elizabeth Earl, February 1, 2016
As other oil and gas companies seek to trim expenses with layoffs and stalling development, Hilcorp Alaska has no plans to stop acquisitions.

Quote of the Week

“We still anticipate levels of spending higher than our capital budget in 2012 — prior to oil-tax reform and when oil prices were in excess of $100 per barrel”— Natalie Lowman, communications director ConocoPhillips Alaska.