Fake News about Alaska LNG from…. Salon?

Energy board rushes giant Alaska project
Sarah Okeson, Salon, October 8, 2018

Federal energy regulators plan to rush through environmental reviews for a $45 billion liquefied natural gas project in Alaska that would sell gas to Asian utilities and could help worsen climate change.

Our Take: Read at your own peril. Headlamp only provided the first line of the article as an example of the low-quality journalism included in the piece.   Headlamp wasn’t familiar with this “award-winning” news source – we typically refrain from reading “news” sources that win awards for hyperbole and fake news.

China Slams Brakes on U.S. Crude Oil Imports
Sheila Tobben, Bloomberg, October 5, 2018

Even though Beijing hasn’t sanctioned American oil imports yet, Chinese buyers aren’t taking any chances. The world’s second largest economy halted purchases of U.S. crude in August for the first time since September 2016, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Friday. In July, Chinese buyers received nearly 12 million barrels of crude from the U.S. Beijing, once an enthusiastic buyer of U.S. crude after Washington lifted its restrictions on exports in December 2015, has even jockeyed with Canada for the position of top importer at times. Yet, China’s interest in American oil has diminished amid the escalating trade spat between the two nations.

China says it’s not afraid of a trade war with the US — its actions show otherwise
Yen Nee Lee, CNBC, October 8, 2018

  • The People’s Bank of China announced on Sunday it was cutting the reserve requirement ratio for most banks by 100 basis points, which will result in an injection of 750 billion yuan ($109.2 billion) in cash into the banking system.
  • Experts said the move indicates that Chinese authorities are getting nervous about a trade war with the U.S. dragging on.
  • “China is a bit nervous. There is so much headwinds towards it now and I think it’s right to prepare for the worst and expect the best,” Gareth Nicholson, head of fixed income at Bank of Singapore, told CNBC.