FACT CHECK: A picture’s worth a thousand words. Or is it?

Lately it seems every day you open the paper or turn on the news and learn of more layoffs in the oil & gas industry. It’s a very tough time for industry employees and employers in Alaska.

Imagine our disappointment when Headlamp tuned in to KTUU Channel 2 News today to see the photo below. Not only is it disturbingly wrong, it’s also, at best, in poor taste.




Prolonged low oil prices have the producers and the service industry making tough decisions and we’re beginning to see layoffs we believe will continue in the months to come. Headlamp recognizes the impact losing a job can have on a family in Alaska. We also know those being forced to lay off employees feel a great deal of responsibility to the men and women they are losing.

Now is not the time for factually inaccurate “gotcha” headlines or inappropriate news coverage. Now is the time for factual coverage and empathy for those impacted.

KTUU would do well to remember we’re all Alaskans and we’re all in this together.