Extra Edition – Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down for Juneau

Thumbs Up: Senate majority for refusing to consider an income tax as part of their fiscal plan, choosing to reduce the size and scope of government before taxing Alaskans.

Thumbs Up: Governor Walker for achieving one of the goals from his “New Sustainable Alaska Plan” – oil and gas tax credit reform. The House, Senate and Governor all agree on this and the Senate revised the House bill to eliminate ALL of these credits.

Thumbs Down: Rep. Adam Wool, who said “to hope that production is going to go up is a fallacy” the day after the Department of Natural Resources presented their forecast for more than 100,000 new barrels a day over the next four years – if we don’t price ourselves out of the market.

Thumbs Down: Rep. Les Gara for saying “if you were born with great privilege, you have a moral obligation to chip in…” as a reason why he supports an income tax for the small number of Alaskan workers who would pay it. Headlamp is certain Rep. Gara doesn’t personally know all 100,000 Alaskans he was talking about and therefore must categorize this statement as either hyperbole or a misunderstanding of how hard people work to be successful.  You make the call.

Thumbs Down: Rep. Gabrielle LeDoux for her behavior in the House Rules committee she chairs, for refusing to allow other members to offer amendments, which is SOP, and for forcing her caucus to rein her in and do the right thing. So that’s actually three Thumbs Down.

Thumbs Down: The Office of Management and Budget for releasing a “study” to explain why our state is at the top of the chart below:

The irony of this is OMB has been unable to provide any accurate numbers about state employees for the last several years.   #wedonottrustanynumbersfromOMB

Thumbs Up: Gavel to Gavel for playing the theme music from Game of Thrones at the most opportune times during this session. Headlamp enjoys matching Game of Thrones characters to Legislative personalities.