Extra Edition – House Majority Wants it All; Rejects Governor’s Compromise

The House Majority has already rejected the Governor’s compromise, released just yesterday, that includes an Education Head Tax and full funding of Education. In fact, it also fully funds their bloated budget that increased the size of government while the private sector struggles through a recession.

The quote below from House Majority Leader Chris Tuck gives Headlamp readers insight into the absurdity that exists within House leadership:

“We’re still pretty determined on getting our fiscal house in order, and so, I know people look at negotiations as always meeting in the middle, but, that’s not necessarily so,” Tuck said. “You want to set up a situation where it’s a win-win situation for everyone. And the House has done that and now we just need to convince the Senate on how they benefit as well from the package that we put together, and how Alaskans benefit from the package that we put together.”

A few thoughts:

  • Tuck – the definition of negotiation is “bargaining to reach agreement.” If you aren’t bargaining you aren’t negotiating. Clearly, the House isn’t bargaining.
  • A “win-win” would imply that more than one entity is in fact, winning. Refusing to negotiate and demanding others capitulate is not the definition of win-win.
  • The House has had 142 days to “convince” the Senate and Alaskans that their package works and that Alaskans benefit from it. They have failed.
  • The majority of Alaskans, according to Dittman Research polls, do not support an income tax or a bloated budget; key components of the House plan. The House Majority’s package doesn’t work for Alaskans.
  • The “Alaskans” who support the House deal are supporters of public education, who want more $ for education, and the state employee unions, who want to maintain jobs, benefits and raises. The Governor’s compromise accommodates both of those.

While Headlamp would like to make a plea to the House Majority to actually find compromise and work toward a reasonable solution, we know it would fall of deaf ears. We hope the constituents of those holding up progress (those truly responsible for the pink slips) will let their Representatives know enough is enough.