An Election Day Message from the Alliance

“Promoting a Favorable Business Climate” has been the number one goal of the Alliance for more than 30 years, and for good reason.

Every Alaskan reaps the rewards of a favorable business climate:

  • Solid private sector jobs
  • More tax revenue for the state
  • A catalyst for diversifying our economy

These are just some of the benefits.

So today, we ask ourselves not who will do what, but rather, who has the courage to do what is necessary to get Alaska back on track?

  • Who will have the courage to lead legislators through the process of reducing the size and scope of government?
  • Who will have the courage to lead legislators in identifying new revenue sources?
  • Who will have the courage to lead legislators to enact policy that encourages the private sector to invest in Alaska?

Alaskans have the right to expect that the people they elected are focused on making Alaska successful. In order for that to happen, elected officials must:

Reduce the size and scope of government.

Identify new revenue sources.

Enact policies, based on principles, that attract investment.

We will soon know who has been chosen by their peers to be leaders in the legislature. What should we demand from the people we just hired?

Disciplined People.
Disciplined Thought.
Disciplined Action.

There are 69 days before the session begins. A tremendous amount of time to set a goal, develop a plan and begin to work. We hope to see what leadership plans to do. Soon. If 69 days pass with no clear path forward, Alaska may need an intervention.

Success requires disciplined people who engage in disciplined thought and who take disciplined action.