Bad Bill of the Week

AK Headlamp’s mission is to bring you original content and a perspective you’re not getting anywhere else. Over the last year, we’ve been dedicated to doing just that. Now we find ourselves just days away from the start of the 30th Legislative session. In 2017 we hope to see true leaders use the 90-day session to tackle the serious economic issues facing our state.

This brings us to the newest content you’ll find at AK Headlamp: Bad Bill of the Week. During the 29th Legislature, 614 separate bills were introduced – an average of over 10 per legislator. The time, effort and money wasted on crafting that many bills, even if they never have a hearing, is staggering and something Alaska cannot afford right now. As our state plows headlong into a recession and faces serious economic issues, Headlamp wants to see the Legislature seek ways to solve our financial situation and strengthen the private sector. If a bill doesn’t fulfill those two objectives, now is not the time for that legislation.

The first batch of pre-filed bills were released yesterday. Of the 48 bills on the list, we can already start to tally the hours that legislators and staff will waste on hearing these bills that will do nothing to improve Alaska’s fiscal problems. The vast majority of those filed yesterday do not fit the criteria of solving our financial situation or strengthening the private sector.

Therefore, we’re going to let legislators and the public know about it.

Each Friday, Headlamp will highlight a Bad Bill of the Week. It will likely be hard to narrow it down to just one, but we’re going to try. We hope that by continuing to hold our elected officials accountable for their actions we can turn this ship around, and look forward to a strong and prosperous Alaska for generations to come.