Bad Bill of the Week: We’re switching it up!

It’s opposite day at AK Headlamp and instead of railing on yet another piece of time-wasting nonsense coming out of Juneau, we’re going to highlight a GOOD idea.

Freshman Representative DeLena Johnson has sponsored House Concurrent Resolution 6 (HCR 6) that would limit House committees to holding hearings on bills that “have as their primary purpose appropriating, raising, or allocating state revenue” until the House passes an operating budget. In other words: DO THE ONE THING YOU ARE CONSTITUTIONALLY MANDATED TO DO BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE.

Representative Johnson’s press release read like music to Headlamp’s ears, echoing our sentiments and leaving us thankful someone down there “gets it!” In fact, a slew of legislators “get it” based on the 11 cosponsors thus far. In Rep. Johnson’s words:

“Stop with the frivolous bills. We have a duty to address the state’s multi-billion-dollar deficit which is currently our state’s most pressing issue.”

“I am eager to dig into the many bills put before me but first I want to focus on right-sizing government. Future Alaskans are depending on the work we do here today.”

Headlamp would be remiss if we failed to note that HCR 6 mirrors HCR 23 introduced last year. The one curious difference being that last year, HCR 23 received broad bi-partisan support. Something HCR 6 has yet to enjoy.

For those who love Bad Bill of the Week, fear not! Bad legislation that does not solve our financial situation and does not strengthen the private sector is still being introduced each day. We’ll be sure to highlight some next week!