Alaska’s Disturbing Job Numbers….

The most recent monthly employment statistics posted by the Alaska Department of Labor (AKDOL) paint a disturbing picture.

17 private sector industries show job loss from August to October.  3 of those 17 sectors produce the highest paying jobs in the state.

Alaska state government, however, shows a gain of 900 jobs in that same time period.  August – 24, 600; September – 25, 600; October 25,500.

Could this be true?   At a time when we are facing a significant budget deficit – is the state really adding jobs to their payroll?

State education grew from 6,400 jobs to 8,100 in that same time period and local governments across the state added 4,600 jobs.

A growing government and a shrinking private sector.  Stay tuned for updates.  Headlamp hopes there is an explanation.