AGDC needs more transparency, not less, to gain confidence of AKLEG

Student Success Stories
ANSEP, Shannon Williams, June 6, 2018

Shannon Williams, a Yup’ik from Anchorage, has dreamed of becoming a paleontologist since she was five years old. Last year, a friend told Shannon about an opportunity to jumpstart her STEM career, and that’s when she became involved with the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program. Even though she just completed the eighth grade, as a full-time student at ANSEP’s Acceleration Academy High School, Shannon is already earning credits towards her college degree.  Next year, Shannon is transferring to ANSEP’s newest high school component, the full-time Acceleration Academy (UAA), where she will attend classes and earn college credits as a student on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus.

Our Take:  AKHEADLAMP is a big fan of ANSEP.  They are preparing Alaskans for science and engineering careers, among other things, with a rigorous academic standard- and succeeding. To understand just how successful they are – click here.

Gasline corp. seeks loan from AIDEA
Alaska Journal of Commerce, Elwood Brehmer, June 6, 2018

Alaska Gasline Development Corp. leaders are asking the state’s development bank for help in financing the Alaska LNG Project, but neither side is willing to say as much. Multiple sources within the state confirmed AGDC has applied for a loan from the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority to fund work on the $43 billion LNG export plan; however, when asked if the state-owned gasline corporation had sought help from its fellow state-owned financing authority, an AGDC spokesman provided neither a “yes” or a “no.” “AGDC is actively developing financial and business arrangements that are beneficial to moving the Alaska LNG Project forward,” spokesman Jesse Carlstrom wrote in an email. “Due to the confidentiality and competitive nature of these efforts, AGDC cannot publicly disclose any information at this time.”

Our Take:  The Alaska legislature feels like the questions they are asking AGDC are not being answered and are reluctant to give them receipt authority (the ability to accept funds from sources other than the state) until they feel their questions are being answered.    More transparency, not less, will be necessary for the legislature to have confidence in the way the project is progressing.   

The market for LNG is getting tighter
UPI, Daniel J. Graeber, June 7, 2018

Growing demand from China should soak up some of the spare capacity of LNG to the modest relief of emerging suppliers like the United States, analysis finds. Chinese economic policy makers are focusing on qualitative growth as the pace of growth in gross domestic product cools. Meanwhile, China is shifting to a low-carbon economy and the super-cooled liquefied natural gas could be used as a bridge fuel.

From today’s Washington Examiner, Daily on Energy:

EPA TO ANNOUNCE ‘COST-BENEFIT’ REFORM PROPOSED RULE: The EPA is set to introduce a proposed rule Thursday adjusting the agency’s consideration of costs and benefits when it writes regulations.

The agency will produce an advance notice of proposed rulemaking, allowing it to weigh public input on a potential new rule, the Wall Street Journal editorial board reported. The EPA will propose a rule establishing an agency-wide standard for how regulations are assessed.

What’s at stake: Some conservatives have argued that the EPA in the past has overstated the benefits of cutting carbon emissions when making regulations. But critics of Pruitt say his agency purposely downplayed the benefits of reducing carbon emissions to justify his repeal of the Clean Power Plan, for example.