AGDC Board Meets Friday – What To Expect and How We Got Here

This Friday the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation’s Board of Directors will hold a meeting  at 9am.  There have been a lot of changes recently at the Alaska Gasline Development Corporation, including: the departure of AGDC president Dan Fauske, the removal of five board member this year, the appointment of new board members, and the end of the contract for Rigdon Boykin, the Governor’s $100,000/ month consultant. This Friday, more changes are expected.  Specifically, Headlamp expects the Board to appoint a new, interim president for AGDC to replace Dan Fauske.   Actions taken in the special session gave, the state of Alaska, literally, a seat at the table with the AKLNG management committee.  Joe Dubler, VP of Commercial Operations, was the person designated to sit in that chair.  Dubler is no longer with AGDC – so it is likely that an interim President wil take his spot.   Who will that be?  Dubler’s experience in project management, contract negotiations, etc… made him a well-qualified representative of the state.  Headlamp hopes his replacement is as worthy.  There’s been a lot of change to AGDC over the past year.  There’s also been a number of changes to the Governor’s broader state gas team, which we have discussed before.  How did we get to where we are today?  Let’s review:


  • In January Gov. Walker dismissed three AGDC Board Members and replaced them with Rick Halford – a former legislator from Dillingham, Joe Paskvan – a former Senator and litigator from Fairbanks, and Hugh Short – former mayor of Bethel. Paskvan was not confirmed by the legislature.  His open seat was eventually filled by Joey Merrick, Alliance member and Business Manager of Laborers Local #341.
  • In June, Audie Setters – a consultant from Texas, replaced DNR Deputy Commissioner Marty Rutherford on the state’s gasline negotiating team.
  • After only two months on the job, Setters was replaced by Rigdon Boykin, a South Carolina consultant
  • In October, at the beginning of the special session, the state released a new flowchart of the integrated gas team.
  • In November, Rigdon Boykin was removed as the lead negotiator for the state. Gov. Walker then replaced two more AGDC board members with Luke Hopkins – former mayor of Fairbanks, and Marc Liukens – Transportation Commissioner. At the same time, Dan Fauske, president of AGDC, resigned.
  • This Friday, December 18th, the AGDC Board meets again where more changes are expected.

We’ve seen the leadership plan that the state outlined in October, Senator Micciche commented that it looked like the state was “trying to act like industry.   How will new changes at AGDC impact the state gas team structure? More importantly, how will those changes impact the AKLNG project’s ongoing negotiations?

Headlamp hopes that the AGDC changes mean a return to progress.  Follow us on Twitter and read our morning Headlamp as we look ahead to Friday.