739,795 Reasons to Vote No on One

Every Alaskan has the potential to be negatively impacted if Ballot Measure One passes. That is why leaders who represent Alaskans from all walks of life are opposing the measure.

Here is what they have to say about why they are voting “No on One!”

Permanent Fund Defenders:
Larry Cash, Permanent Fund Trustee, 2013-2017:

“Ballot Measure 1 threatens to devastate economic growth in our state, which is just starting to recover from the dramatic drop in the price of oil of 2016. Proposition 1 creates unnecessary and undefined regulations that are not needed and are overreaching. This will negatively impact growth of the Permanent Fund, reducing Permanent Fund payments to our citizens immediately and long term. “

Our Take: If we have learned anything this election cycle, it is how strongly Alaskans feel about keeping their PFD and increasing the payments, not reducing them.

Native Corporations:
Rex Rock Sr, whaling captain, President and CEO of Arctic Slope Regional Corporation:

“The passage of Ballot Measure 1 would be catastrophic when it comes to its adverse impacts on rural Alaska. Burdensome and unnecessary regulations when it comes to infrastructure maintenance and improvements would either cause a lag in completing important projects across my region or make them economically unfeasible altogether.”

Our Take: No sewer improvements, no reliable affordable sources of energy, like natural gas, for rural Alaska.

Outdoor Enthusiasts:
John Sturgeon, Craig Compeau, Rick Rydell, Frank and Sue Entsminger, Kevin Kehoe, and Eddie Grasser:

“As written, Ballot Measure 1 works to restrict Alaskan outdoor enthusiasts’ access to lands and waters.”

Many areas and outdoor activities would be subject to new permitting criteria, public comment periods, public meetings, and increased potential for lawsuits by Outside environmental groups. Areas and activities potentially affected:
– Nearly all waters in Alaska, potentially including coastal marine waters
– Landing small planes on lakes, river beds, and along the coast of Alaska
– Crossing streams, rivers or lakes in boats or all-terrain vehicles
– Access to boat launches, docks, river banks and special areas
– Any onshore activity that affects areas in close proximity to waters that may have fish”

Our Take: This would be disastrous for those who love to fish, hunt and trap.

Fisheries Managers, Scientists and Regulators:
Randy Bates, Ed Fogels, Kerry Howard, Thomas E. Irwin, Bill Jeffress, Doug Vincent Lang, Bob Loeffler, Ginny Litchfield, Slim Morstad and Marty K. Rutherford:

“Ballot Measure 1 replaces Alaska’s scientific process for identifying, studying and permitting fish habitat with new and untested regulations. Ballot Measure 1 proposes a system that is unworkable, unmanageable and unaffordable.”

Our Take: Alaska is recognized for its current permitting system around the country and the world. Replacing that system with something that is vague and confusing will not improve the current system, nor will it protect salmon.

Labor Unions:
Vince Beltrami, President, AFL-CIO:

“Ballot Measure 1 is wrong for Alaska and is bad for jobs. It’s that simple,”

Our Take: We couldn’t agree more.